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112 West Main Street , Fredonia, NY 14063

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About Us

puccis-carpet-one-fredonia-ny-about-us-employees-photoIt's been our pleasure to serve the flooring needs of the Chautauqua area for more than 40 years. We’re your family-owned, neighborhood flooring experts. Drop by and let us help you choose the perfect flooring for your particular home and lifestyle.

Pucci’s Carpet One, Furniture and Bedding traces its origins back to the year 1972. But to understand how Puccis got off the ground you have to go back a couple more years to 1970 when Ron Pucci and his father Carl Pucci started a business at the corner of Main Street and Chestnut Street in Fredonia, N.Y. At that time Ron was splitting time working til midnight at Alleghany Ludlum Steel in Dunkirk NY and working at the West Hill Delicatessen.

That year, the Puccis were in the process of carpeting the apartments above the Delicatessen. Ron decided to ask his friend Bob Rhinehart, who was a carpet installer, where to buy his new carpet. Ron was a young entrepreneurwith little money and had just recently had his second child. He was looking to save some money. Ron researched and found that if he had a business certificate and a tax ID number he could buy his carpet at wholesale. So in an attempt to buy carpet at wholesale prices Ron took is tax ID number from the delicatessen and formed a business on paper. That business was Pucci Carpets.

At that time, Ron would drive up to the Buffalo market to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables. On the way back he stopped at Stuart Lehrman, which was a carpet distributer in Buffalo.

The distributor questioned Ron as a practicing retailer but eventually let him buy the carpets. This is where the story changes Rons life forever. As Ron is walking out the door, He hears the man behind the counter yell" Hey wait a minute". Ron thought to himself "Oh Oh" I almost had it….they must have figured me out." The guy walks over and says " You can’t just buy these rolls without taking the samples that go with them." Well Ron was relieved to still be able to buy the carpets but not so thrilled to buy samples with a $75 ticket to them, but he figured what he had saved on the carpet he would buy the samples just to appease the distributor. So with his Carpet rolls and samples in route Ron made his way back to Fredonia. When he got back, He unloaded his vegetables and fruits to the delicatessen. He then went back the truck and looked at the carpet samples . Ron thought " What am I going to do with these things?" So he took them out and put threw them in front of the meat counter just to get them out of the way. In Ron’s haste he left to install the carpets leaving the samples at the delicatessen. Over the next couple days customers would come in and question about the samples. Over the period of the next week, Ron started selling more carpet then lunch meat!

puccis-carpet-one-fredonia-ny-about-us-rolls-of-carpet-warehouseRon took a chance at his start-up business in the fall of 1972 and Pucci’s World of Carpet was born. Ron put in his resignation at the steel plant and opened his new business just down the street from the delicatessen at 50 West Main Street. Soon thereafter Ron’s wife Michelene, formerly a school teacher, joined the business and Pucci's expanded into furniture and bedding. Michelene was instrumental in building the business to what is today.

Michelene’s decorating touch helped The business grow at that location for the next 10 years until the couple decided to make a move to their current location at 112 West Main Street. They then renovated what was an 30,000 sq ft old warehouse seed building and turned it into a showroom for home furnishings. The new building would also be a new home to other new home-related business tenants. Since then Pucci’s has grown at its present location to be the leader in home furnishings in the area. Many renovations have taken place, additions have been built, walls torn down and relationships made.